Huntsville’s own Marc Lacy, a graduate of Alabama A & M University is a nationally renowned, award winning poet/author and a lecturer. He has performed all over the country at many national literary events and spoken word venues. Marc is also a reputable fiction writer as well as a blogger for Marc Lacy Spoken Word, Music, & Writing Fan Page on Facebook.

Additionally, Lacy is a columnist for Along with writing and performance, Marc utilises his wordsmith talent and poetic flair as he facilitates lectures, conducts workshops, and delivers motivational speeches concerning writing, communication, and self-development. Lacy credits his faith in God and love of family for providing energy he needs, to succeed.


  • Feature Author @ National Bookclub Conference -2015
  • Poet of The Year AAMBC -2014
  • Poet of The Year National Poetry Awards -2012
  • Poet of The Year AAMBC -2011
  • Poet of The Year AAMBC -2010
  • Nominated (along with Nikki Giovanni) for 2007 “Poet of the Year Award” for Open Book Awards
  • Distinguished Alum Award for S.R. Butler High School 2007
  • Charles Owens (Marc Lacy Producer) won Producer of The Year (“REFlux”) 2006
  • Poet of The Year (“The Looking Heart”) –Memphis Black Writer’s Conference 2006
  • Poet of The Year (“The Looking Heart”) –C&B Books Distributors 2006
  • Self-Published Poet of The Year (“The Looking Heart”) –Aspicomm 2006
  • Poet of The Year (“The Looking Heart”) – 2006


  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated
  • ArtNSoul Society of Expression
  • Cast Member –The Men’s Room Webseries
  • The Divine Literary Tour
  • Grown Folk’s Literary Group of Atlanta
  • Academy of American Poets
  • American Writer’s and Artists, Incorporated
  • Huntsville Literary Association
  • Poet’s and Writer’s, Inc.
  • Love Literature Tour
  • Marc Lacy & Friends –Spoken Word Authority
  • Church Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America


  • “Viral XGressions” –(Novel, June2017)
  • “Fly High, Fly Long, Fly Fast” –(Lecture Series, August 2016)
  • “Untitled” –(Spoken Word Cd, August 2016)
  • “Curse of the Whiskey House” –(Novel March 2015)ISBN 13-978-0-9749712-6-1
  • “Tryin’ to be a Spoken Word Artist” –(Spoken Word CD, August 2013)
  • “Narcoleptic” –(Spoken Word CD, January 2011)
  • “Wretched Saints” –(Spiritual Short Stories, January 2010)ISBN 13-978-09749712-3-0
  • “LyriCode 256” –(Spoken Word CD, June 2009)ISBN 13-978-0-9749712-5-4
  • “RTIQLation” –Spoken Essence of Music (Spoken Word CD, August 2008)ISBN 0-9749712-2-7
  • “Rock and Fire” –Love Poetry from the Core (May 2007)ISBN 13-978-0-9749712-8-5
  • “The Looking Heart” –Poetic Expressions from Within (September 2004)ISBN 0-9749712-9-4
  • “REFlux” –Poetic Spirit and Spoken Soul (Spoken Word CD, September 2004)ISBN 0-9749712-1-9


  • “The Soul of a Man Part II”–Anthology, Peace in the Storm Publishing(December 2015)
  • “Romantic Duets”–Anthology,Peace in the Storm Publishing(March 2013)
  • “Word Play”–Poetic Anthology, BravinPublishing(October2013)
  • “The Soul ofa Man” –Anthology, Peace in The Storm Publishing(June 2009)ISBN 13-978-0-9819631-3-6
  • “Step up to the Mic” –A Poetic Explosion, Xpress YourselfPublishing(September 2007)ISBN 13-978-09792500-5-7
  • “Point of No Return” –Novel, Elissa Gabrielle,Peace in the Storm Publishing(July 2007) ISBN 13-978-09790222-1-0
  • “Witness the Truth” –Spoken Word Mixtape, Rashad Rayford(April 2006)
  • “Finger Lickin’ Way to Fight the Fat”–Non-Fiction, Donna Smith, MagniCo Publishing(July 2007) ISBN-13: 978-1882330768